About Face - face painting, make-up and body art by Zoë Thornbury-Phillips

Family Events

Happy Children = Happy Parents = Happy Clients

Why choose us?

Your event remembered – Using talented face painters gets people talking, taking photographs and above all, people smile. The photo’s can be used for promotional purposes or just to keep the day fresh in everyone’s minds.

Less Work – Give me the brief and I find the best possible people for it and run my part of the event completely to your specifications. If needed, we can be completely self-sufficient and will make sure to pay attention to every detail.

Smooth Running - My team and I are experienced suppliers for family events so can adjust the service accordingly to the clients or theme. We keep a congenial disposition throughout making sure everyone is kept happy.

Value for Money – Your clients will get exceptional, including award winning, artists for a reasonable daily rate.

Speed – Our painters are faster than most and use special tricks and techniques to produce the best results with minimum time. Clients are usually amazed at what is produced in such a short time and that helps to keep the queue happy and short.

Originality - Our painters are great artists who improve their skills and products continuously so each design for each client will be unique.

Provide the best, it will be noticed.

Face painting, body art and make-up by Zoë Thornbury-Phillips