About Face - face painting, make-up and body art by Zoë Thornbury-Phillips

Character Make-up

Special Effects

Teams building days such as ‘making movies’ are given an extra dimension with make-up artists present. Transforming people into characters takes away inhibitions and can bring out a completely different side to them. In my experience, it also creates a lot of laughter.

Our make-up artists can achieve a significant change in look in just a few minutes so are able to apply make-up to many people in a short space of time. This in turn creates a bigger impact on the day or show you are creating.

Special effects make-up always adds a ‘wow’ factor and is very quick to produce. Bullet holes, cuts, bruises and scars always make memorable reactions. These techniques can also be used for first aid courses.

Face painting, body art and make-up by Zoë Thornbury-Phillips