About Face - face painting, make-up and body art by Zoë Thornbury-Phillips


Thank you for a wonderful day. I had a great time and really enjoyed myself. You are so talented and a great teacher. You made it just right for me and what I wanted out of it and that was brilliant.


I really enjoyed our day and learnt so much. Thank you. I will keep in touch about further classes. Thanks…


I have attended two of Zoë's face painting sessions and they were both fun and interesting.
The time flew by and we left the sessions looking bizarre with paint up our arms and on our faces! We were nervous at first and timid with the brushes but soon could apply reasonable strokes that actually looked somewhat like petals or butterflies. The 'loaded brush' technique was one of the most exciting - giving two colours to flower petals with one stroke of the brush.
The sandwiches and chocolate biscuits were good too!


Face painting, body art and make-up by Zoë Thornbury-Phillips